Singen - Lehren       Singing - Teaching

Teaching Course 

- professional singing-teaching made easy

 You would like to

  • teach singing efficiently
  • find an easy approach to solving your students' problems
  • be able to improve your students' singing precisely and to the point
  • explain singing techniques to your students in a physiologically meaningful way
  • know which "images" work for your students and why
  • find ways to teach yourself

What does this course offer?

  • approach to teaching
  • learn anamnesis procedures for voice analysis in singing lessons
  • technical vocal teaching from the piano ( it is not about repetition)
  • practically integrate vocal physiology into the singing lesson
  • Implement phonation and articulation easily
  • Facilitate interpretation through vocal technical approach
  • Discussing case studies
  • teaching each other
  • Supervision of own teaching
  • practice, practice, practice


  • Petra Lang


  • voice students and voice teachers
  • max. 6 participants
  • BDG members: 16 education points (BDG-Bund deutscher Gesangspädagogen)


  • 64390 Erzhausen

Participation fee

  • Singing students € 160.-
  • Singing teachers, singers € 250.-

Confirmation of participation will be made according to the order of registration.
The course fee is due after invoicing at the beginning of the course.

2024 April 2/3




Saturday 11-21:00

11:00 -12:30

Welcome-Session, Lecture: Teaching and Studying

12:50 - 14:20

Teaching and Feedback

15:20 - 18:50

Teaching and Feedback

19:20 - 21:00

Anamnesis procedure for voice analysis in singing lessons; Cool down

Sunday 9-17:00

9:00 - 9:45

Anamnesis procedure for voice analysis in singing lessons II

10:00 -13:20

Teaching and Feedback


Teaching and Feedback


Case studies, Q & A

16:45 -17:00

Final Session

Welcome and final session can take place with the support of Peter Hess® sound methods if desired by the participants.